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Day: August 18, 2020

How To Keep Turkey?

An important selection method for males is selection for the development of corals, which begin to emerge after two months of age. The earlier the corals appear, the better the growers. The stocking density is 1.0–1.5 heads per square meter. m floor area. With a large livestock, the poultry house is divided into sections of 100 heads each. The partitions between the sections are made of mesh for the entire height of the house. Continue reading

Growing Beans

It comes from Central America and Central Africa. Bean seeds have more protein than beef or pork, and ry is better in amino acid composition (like a chicken egg) and in calorie content (2-3 times). Shoulder beans contain 10-14% dry matter, 1.6-6.0% protein (mature seeds – up to 20% protein), 2.4-3.4% sugars, 20-30 mg% vitamin C, and a lot of vitamin B1, B2, provitamin A, in the ash – a lot of calcium, iron and phosphorus salts. Lima beans in unripe seeds contain 22-33% dry matter and 9.8-12.3% protein. Continue reading

How to Grow Cauliflower

Cauliflower: Outdoor cultivation and care is a hot topic for gardeners. The question of how to grow our vegetable crop in open soil is of interest to many gardeners and summer residents. After all, the popularity of such a vegetable can hardly be underestimated. Such a fruit is deservedly the queen of garden crops. The high popularity of the vegetable is due to its richness in vitamins, which remain until the very end of spring, while in other fruits the vitamin composition is lost already at the beginning of winter. Everyone loves her, both raw and boiled, stewed and even baked. Continue reading

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